Payment methods

Paying with Western Union

Using Western Union

1. On your Shopping Cart page, click Continue Checkout  after reviewing your items.

2. On the Billing, Shipping & Review page, under Payment Methods, select the Western Union option.

3. After checking the details of your order, click Place Your Order

Your order will now have been placed, but will not start processing your order until you have paid the full amount.
To complete payment of your items by Western Union, go to your local Western Union branch, or go to their website, and follow the instructions.

The beneficiary details for are:

  • Beneficiary: WEIFENG MAI
  • First Name: WEIFENG
  • Last Name: MAI
  • Country: CHINA
  • Address: 81#, Yisha, Tianzhai, Shatian, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China.
  • After successfully transferring the funds, Please send us email:

If you have any further questions regarding your order payment through Western Union, please email:

We want to remind all customers that they are responsible for any local Western Union handling fees. Therefore, customers should confirm the total payment amount with their local Western Union.

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